News / Introducing a Judicial Examination as part of the Judicial Application Process

Introducing a Judicial Examination as part of the Judicial Application Process


We are pleased to announce the introduction of a judicial examination as part of the application process for judgeship under Judges Appointment Policy. The primary objectives of the judicial examination are centered around elevating the caliber of appointed judges to ensure their capability and legal knowledge. The examination will provide a standardized assessment of applicants' legal knowledge and expertise, ensuring the most qualified individuals are appointed as judges, which will elevate the overall caliber of the judiciary, increasing public confidence in the fairness and competence of our judges. It also seeks to establish an independent and trusted court and judicial system, upholding the rights of all citizens to a fair and credible judicial process. 


The examination will test the applicants’ ability to identify and apply the relevant law and procedure correctly to cases at the level at which they sit, and the applicants’ understanding of the rules of professional conduct applicable to judges. The judicial examination represents a significant step towards appointing judges with the necessary qualifications and expertise to serve our society justly. Through this transformative initiative, the process of appointing judges becomes more competent, professional, and ensures an impartial judiciary. 


With this policy change, in addition to possessing the required qualifications to become a judge, applicants now need to pass the judicial examination. The requirement to pass the judicial examination as part of the judicial application process will be effective from January 1, 2024.